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This treatment offers the best of both with a full SmileCentral Light Activated Teeth Whitening treatment for instant results and a Smile Central Bespoke Tray Whitening Kit with with initial whitening gel supply for long lasting results and maintenance.


Our in-surgery SmileCentral Light Activated whitening system dramatically whitens your teeth in as little as 40 minutes using a unique pre whitening detergent and our exclusive formula hydrogen peroxide gel! That's fast.


The procedure is simple and quick!


Using the SmileCentral Custom Made Bleaching Trays you will be able to whiten your teeth all the way through not just the surface areas, particularly the spaces and margins of your teeth this helps eradicate staining from the back of the teeth.

Home Whitening Systems

Light Activated & Home Whitening

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Light Activated

Teeth Whitening System

Bespoke Tray Whitening

For Home Whitening

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Price: £548 | Special Offer: £239