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Is a SmileCentral Teeth Whitening Treatment good for me?


Virtually everyone in search of a whiter smile can benefit from using SmileCentral Teeth Whitening Treatment. This includes people with severe coffee, food, tobacco stains. Even those stains associated with antibiotics like tetracycline can see considerable improvement.



What is the difference between SmileCentral Teeth Whitening and other forms of teeth whitening?


Our system can offer instant whitening AND long lasting professional results. Over the counter systems are simply not comparable and the treatment is carried out by trained dental professionals who will assess your teeth and gums prior to whitening.



What causes my teeth to discolour?


Tooth discoloration can be caused by many things. Extrinsic stains which are the easiest to treat can be caused by things like highly coloured foods, tea, coffee red wine. Intrinsic staining can be caused by things like certain medications, or trauma to the teeth.



How white will my teeth get?


People have seen up to 14 shades lighter using SmileCentral. The beauty of the systems are that you see an instant change with the SmileCentral Light Accelerated Teeth Whitening System (2-10 shades), and then increased shades using the SmileCentral Day or Night Home Custom tray system. YOU control how much whiter you want your teeth to be and YOU control when you want to brighten your smile up in the future.



How long does the treatment take?


The SmileCentral Light Accelerated Teeth Whitening Treatment can take approx up to 60-90 minutes depending on how stained your teeth are and the treatment that your dental practitioner prescribes for you and you will see results in just 1 vist. For home whitening treatments a couple of 20-30 minute appointments are required with your dental professional and results will be seen in 1-2 weeks depending on the type of gel that is used and the wear time selected.



Is it safe?


Absolutely! The methods and materials used in both procedures have been studied and proven to be completely safe and effective under the supervision of a dental professional. The procedures do not change or harm the structure of the teeth or enamel; they simply break up pigments that cause discolouration. However it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. The bleaching materials that are used comply with EU Directive 76/768/EEC and can only be supplied by dental professionals.



Will it hurt?


Most clients experience no pain or sensitivity during or after the procedures. A very small amount of people will experience minor sensitivity to hot or cold. This is only temporary and will subside after 24 hours. Your dentist will determine if your are an ideal candidate for treatment and advise on what treatment is best for you.



Does it change the colour of any existing crowns or veneers?


It will remove surface stains, but will only restore crowns or veneers to their original colour.



What if I have my custom trays from the dentist?


You can benefit by either boosting your teeth with the Smilesential Light Accelerated Teeth Whitening Treatment or by simply touching up your smile using the SmileCentral Day or Night whitening refill gels after a consultation with your dentist.


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