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Using the SmileCentral Custom Made Bleaching Trays you will be able to whiten your teeth all the way through not just the surface areas, particularly the spaces and margins of your teeth this helps eradicate staining from the back of the teeth.

Home Whitening Systems

Smile Central Custom Made Bleaching Trays

SmileCentral Bleaching Trays procedure:

Our dentist will check the health of your teeth and gums to determine if you are suitable for the treatment.


Impressions of your teeth are then taken and are sent to the lab.


The lab will then make an exact caste of your teeth from the impressions and use this to make bespoke fit bleaching trays. These trays are hand crafted by experienced technicians by hand.


The bespoke trays are then packaged together in a kit with the exclusive formula peroxide teeth whitening gel selected by your dentist.  


Once the kit is ready you will come into the clinic to try the trays with the gel and the dentist will explain how to use them and what regimen to follow at home.

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As an example: Teeth are like a window to an extent they are transparent. If you removed dirt from the front of the window you will get some light passing through if you remove dirt from the back you will get maximum light passing through it’s the same principle with teeth.


Application: The client dispenses the gel into the bespoke trays at home, the trays hold the gel in place securely on the tooth and are worn for 2 hours or overnight each day for around 14 days giving ultimate results, eradicating staining on the front and back of the tooth through oxidation of the  bleaching gel against the stains.

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Bespoke Whitening Kit

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