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Our in-surgery SmileCentral Light Activated whitening system dramatically whitens your teeth in as little as 40 minutes using a unique pre whitening detergent and our exclusive formula hydrogen peroxide gel! That's fast.


The procedure is simple and quick!


Light Activated Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your dental professional will:


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Carry out an oral health check.

The dentist will cleanse the teeth with a pre whitening cleansing solution.

Place cheek retractor to retract lips back.

Apply paint-on dam and cure lightly to protect the gum line.

Apply the gel to teeth.

Switch on the SmileCentral Whitening Lamp that contains matrix of LED lights

operating at an optimum frequency this activated the whitening gel to

breakdown stains in the teeth.

Once the whitening cycle applications have been completed the dentist will remove the gel and rinse the teeth. You will be provided with aftercare information and advice.

You can enhance and maintain your white smile further with our bespoke home whitening tray kit.


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Quick Whitening with Amazing Results

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